Automotive Dealership Software

Motovate Pro is a user-friendly Sales, Management and CRM system designed specifically for the motor industry. Our automotive software supports the dealership in dealing with leads and customers and is designed to connect you to your customer. Motovate Pro’s affordable dealership software provides the customer and sales executive with a professional and efficient experience that enhances sales.

Benefits of Motovate Pro

Helping you sell more cars with our powerful and affordable dealership software

Managing your sales process

Motovate Pro provides a ”best practice framework” to standardise and support the dealership in dealing with leads, prospects and customers.

Managing your sales force

Motovate Pro enables you to view and manage your sales team’s activity throughout the sales process.

Managing your database

Supports dealers in meeting Groups or Manufacturer’s stringent reporting standards.

Enhancing sales

Motovate Pro provides the customer with a professional and efficient experience that enhances sales.

Windows Look & Feel

Windows look and feel familiarity for ease of access for the user.

Centralised Information

Information can be centrally stored at Group or Manufacture level.

Finance Integration

Motovate Pro integrates with various finance portals, allowing you to obtain finance effortlessly.

Manage Appointments

Diarise meetings and follow-up calls to ensure that potential leads don’t fall to the wayside.

Direct Marketing

Perform targeted and direct marketing directly from Motovate Pro, allowing you to generate more leads.

Customer Relationships

Easily maintain customer relationships using Motovate Pro’s campaign, SMS and email functionality.

Dealership Software Cover Image


  • Set activities and sales targets for the dealership, by sales executive or by series.
  • Automatic tasks are generated throughout the sales process for client follow-ups.
  • Monitor the performance of sales executives against planned activities and targets.
  • Sales executives can monitor their own performance and keep track of required activities.
  • Comprehensive reports help you identify when corrective action is required.


  • Motovate Pro allows leads to be populated from various suppliers.
  • Leads can be automatically allocated to specific sales executives or distributed evenly.
  • Motovate Pro’s escalation process ensures timeous follow-ups.
  • Lead details can be promptly populated using the Licence Scanner feature.
  • Data and licences can be easily validated.
  • All customer and deal documentation can be stored electronically in the e- filing module.
  • Motovate Pro populates demo fleets and indemnity forms which ensures hassle free test drives.


  • Motovate Pro’s dealership software features dynamic cost sheets, standardised pricing and quote versioning.
  • Vehicle images are included on quotes.
  • Corporate Identity can be easily maintained and adhered to.
  • Processes are managed and explained to guide users through the deal cycle.
  • The user can choose between manual configuration and VIN/Stock number lookups.